How an Advanced SEO Strategy Helped a Fintech Startup (India’s First App-based Credit Line) Cross ₹500+ Crore in Loan Disbursement


With a unique offering in the “personal loan” space, India’s first credit line app had an ambitious target of achieving ₹2000 Cr in loan disbursement. The fintech startup was focused on digital as its primary lead acquisition medium and wanted organic traffic to deliver 20% towards its loan disbursement goal.


The challenge was that the fintech startup was competing in a crowded and hyper-competitive space, where they were up against big banks, legacy financial institutes and established lending platforms that dominated Google rankings for “personal loan” keywords with their high domain authority and years of SEO work.


We needed to think outside the box and we innovated by studying the changing user behaviour and Google Trends, which told us that the target audience had specific reasons for borrowing and were increasingly looking for new “loan app” related keywords.

We executed an SEO strategy by leveraging advanced techniques like:

  • Topical content clusters and skyscraper technique to bring the users the right content based on their search intent and needs
  • Site-wide AMP pages to win with mobile rankings
  • TF-IDF and Keyword Golden Ratio for optimized content
  • Domain authority stacking to improve rankings of topical clusters
  • Schema microdata to drive #1 rankings with featured snippets and higher CTR with rich snippets

The Results

In less than 3 years, the SEO strategy helped in crossing the loan disbursal goal with

  • 256%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 800+

    Keywords Ranking in the Top 3 Positions of Google

  • 434%

    Increase in Organic Traffic for the Loan App Page

  • 25%

    Loan Disbursement Contributed by Organic Traffic

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