Businesses that generate sustained growth have one thing in common. Predictability.

That inevitable outcome of well-laid plans. And plans are our thing. When we create one for your digital marketing campaign, uncertainty goes out of the window. Every little aspect of our digital marketing solution is designed to bring results that you expect, and growth that you want. No ifs. No buts. Just the assurance that when the equation is right, the solution cannot be wrong.


How We Do It

Whirlwind’s methodology is a streamlined process based on human insights, business truths, and plain common sense. We delve into the granular details to understand how your consumer absorbs content and reaches the bottom of the sales funnel. At the crux of our proprietary tool are three fundamental elements of content marketing.

  • Attention

    Qualified leads don’t always start that way. To get into the consumers’ consideration set, it’s important to catch their eye first. Our research digs out insights into their life, so that we can deliver a message that’s relevant to their interests. It’s the first step towards establishing trust and making progress.

  • Consideration

    Once the conversation begins, it’s our job to keep it meaningful. By providing the prospect with substantial and even more relevant content. At this stage, they are ready to be indulged, with appropriate content that promises what they need and want. This is the critical juncture when you convert users.

  • Connection

    The lead is sizzling. Confidence is gained. We are at the business end of our journey. It is now time to establish a relationship, with a content focus to ensure its long-term sustenance to close the deal. This is when you build preference because by now the consumers trust you with their needs.



Research through insight-mining & deep-diving into industry status quo, consumer lifecycles & business intelligence.



Ensure maximized reach with optimized budgets, with media plans that deliver visibility, click-throughs, and meaningful conversions.



Create value-driven content that is consumable, relevant to the offerings and engaging for consumers to interact with.



Continuous analysis and evaluation of on-going campaigns for measurable impact, course correction and actionable metrics.

What We Do

Whirlwind’s 4D approach ensures that the sum is always equal than the parts. And the equation is brought about by using elements built from the ground up to deliver what you need. We know one size won’t fit all, so we pick each piece meticulously and tailor it to ensure it’s the perfect fit.

Digital Marketing Services For
True Business Impact

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Increase your online visibility and achieve top rankings to reach your target audience with carefully crafted SEO strategies.

  • Content Marketing

    Attract, engage, and convert your target audience with well-thought-out, innovative and optimized content marketing approach.

  • Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

    Gain a wider reach and better ROI through effective click-throughs with a data-driven PPC campaign customized for your business needs.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Drive meaningful engagement and build a relevant audience with a social media strategy that works for your brand.

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Marketing

    Convert prospects into leads with a LinkedIn marketing strategy to expand your network and build relationships.

  • Web Design & Development

    Grow your business and engage your visitors with a responsive website design that has an impressive user interface.


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