Whirlwind | Our Services: What We Do & How We Do It
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Our Services: What We Do & How We Do It

Whirlwind is digital inside-out. We think beyond the data crunchers and algorithm readers. Our services are strategically planned to keep you ahead of the curve even after your goals are reached. Our plan of action does not end at driving sales; it constantly innovates, adapts and evolves to ensure that you enjoy long-term online success.

Search Engine Optimization

For someone who doesn’t know you, your website is but a needle in the proverbial haystack. Of course, the phrase falls flat if you have the right magnet to attract the needle. SEO, in this case, is your magnetic friend. We have at our disposal the best of tools to ensure that your website is always earmarked for early-page search results.


It all begins with a smart little motto we have here, ‘optimize to maximize’. In other words, get noticed in the right places, and during relevant searches. So that your returns are maximized through a clever culmination of everything – smart content creation, ingenious meta tags, keywords, etc.


It doesn’t end at that. As search engines evolve, we keep pace. So now, along with the usual suspects, we also go after the social networking realm; optimizing everything from your social media presence to press releases and blogs. Because ultimately, you have to be where your customer is searching for you, and that place is no longer a single dot on the map.


Getting through to us, on the other hand, is way easy. Drop us a line here.

Social Media Marketing

“Man is a social animal” is what we learned back in school. It’s only now that we fully comprehend the depth and breadth of his sociality. As users swarm networking sites inflating their friends’ lists, a parallel media has emerged. Because once they are done with the nostalgic reunions and commenting on embarrassing photographs, they move on to brands. Experiencing them, sharing them, and even bad mouthing them.


That is where we catch them. Through strategies that help your brand make more friends. Because they are the ones who will spread the good word about you; and people will believe them. That’s how social networking works – a trustworthy source who has nothing to gain from your marketing. We have the acumen to understand this dynamic new medium and create communication plans that seamlessly fall in line with it.


So we have it all covered – from YouTube channels to Facebook applications, to tweets to blogs – everything optimized to engage each of your potential customers when they are most receptive. The eyeballs-to-cost ratio in this scenario is so high it will make you dizzy!


Are you following us yet? You can do so here.

Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

If done wrong, paid-for keyword marketing can cost you a lot. That’s because a search engine doesn’t always behave predictably, neither does your user.


We design our pay-per-click model in such a way that it gets the most effective click throughs and doesn’t mess around flashing on irrelevant pages. Which, for the uninitiated, is another way of saying higher ROIs. It really is that simple.


The rocket science behind it happens well before the actual clicks happen. A well thought-out keyword selection, combined with thorough market research, predictive mapping, and webpage ranking results in a nice, air-tight SEM package that delivers the goods.


See how it really clicks, here.

Web Analytics

All the speculation and talk about higher ROIs and smart investment plans is great, but it can easily come to nothing unless you have a nice little odometer to know if it’s really happening. Figures are like pictures – they speak a thousand words and translate into a million dollar smile!


Our analytics team utilizes indigenous tools to access, track, map, and beat-to-pulp all the data that’s emitting out of your online campaign. Then putting it all together in the form of facts and figures for everyone to see. In short, web analytics is a good tool to have for measuring the exact impact on your bottom line.


So what was that about the million-dollar smile? Touch base with us, and we’ll tell you.