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We generate consumable content that converts and we can do this because we know what your readers want and we also know how search engines work!

Our content is aligned with your commercial goals and helps your target audience understand your business better. It speaks directly with your customers, adds true value by addressing their pain points, and positions your brand as a go-to resource for content in your niche to generate more leads. We will work with you to create a content marketing strategy with your audience in mind and deliver it to channels that your potential customers frequent.

If you have a goal, we will get you there!


Why Choose US

Your content may speak volumes about your USP but if it is not optimized with keywords that your potential buyers use when searching for your offerings, there’s no point. Our content specialists communicate the benefits of your business to your target audience while staying focused on search terms that drive more qualified leads.


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Our Content Marketing Approach

We don’t just write content; we develop the right style, tone, and voice for your brand so we can represent your business, convey your message, engage your audience, and generate the highest returns. Yes, we get emotionally involved with our content, for our clients!

Stage 1 – Client Study & Keyword Research

A typical content creation process at Whirlwind starts with client study. Client study is the transition between creating an outline and coming up with a content plan. During the transition period, our SEO team bounces between client study and keyword research. We’ve developed a proven and powerful in-house model to make every word count. Our content creation approach is built on analytics tracking, proprietary software, keyword research and storytelling.


Stage 2 – Creating Customer Personas

Customers are the driving force of every business and so we take the time and make the effort to develop customer personas. These personas help us understand your audience better and know the topics they are proactively searching for. This enables us to resolve their queries and address their pain points to the very last detail and drive higher engagement.

Stage 3 – Conducting Research

We love doing our homework! Our team performs an in-depth competitor analysis, studies industry conversations, makes a list of important keywords and reviews content that is currently performing. This helps us uncover popular search terms, pain points and the searcher’s objective. Armed with accurate data from popular marketing tools like BuzzSumo, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, SEMrush, and Moz, we formulate our campaigns with solid intent – no fillers, no fluff words; only true value!


Stage 4 - Writing

Reader attention spans are consistently dwindling but word count is not. The only way to set your content apart and outrank competitors is to provide quality content that adds value. So, we put ourselves in the reader’s shoes before we put pen to paper. We’re always cohesive, comprehensive, and targeted when we create and curate content. Our content is optimized to rank well, consumable, and to the point because it’s not just writing; it’s excellence that we aim for when bringing your content before the masses.

Stage 5 - Reviewing

We know that organic rankings are achieved only when the writing serves the end-user’s intent. So, we write to make a human impact. When reviewing content, we strictly adhere to your brand guidelines and ensure that our content offers real value to your audience while being respectful of their time. Our content goes through an exhaustive review process where it is passed through multiple checks for grammar, plagiarism, and readability. At Whirlwind, it’s either quality or no content at all!


Stage 6 - Publishing

Even the most engaging and fresh content fails to serve its purpose, when you don’t have a distribution strategy. That’s why we design our publishing strategy after ensuring that every online channel aligns with your business goals. We know where your potential customers hang out online, which sites they visit, which devices they use, and which social channels they browse. Our content is published only on spaces that your potential customers frequent so you can drive as many qualified leads as possible.

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