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LinkedIn marketing is one of the most profitable lead generation service on the market. At Whirlwind we have excelled at creating a unique LinkedIn marketing model which is both well differentiated and more result-driven as compared to many others. While most companies believe in using LinkedIn as a “short term solution” by bombarding ideal lead prospects with their pitch messages, we take a more refined approach.


Why Choose US

When we market your business on LinkedIn, we don’t target a generalized demographic in a certain location. We laser target your audience at a much deeper level and our communication efforts to a very specific demographic to generate qualified leads every day, leaving your competition in the dust.


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Why Leverage LinkedIn for B2B marketing

We will set up your LinkedIn profile and also run the show on your behalf to generate a flow of qualified leads consistently.


LinkedIn is the most popular and preferred social media platform for B2B marketing. The best place to reach your ideal customers!


LinkedIn profiles with photos get 36x more messages and 21x more views. No matter who you’re trying to connect with, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to find them


Millennials account for 2 billion globally, 87 million of them are on LinkedIn. A perfect opportunity to get in front of them now!


LinkedIn accounts for 50% of total social traffic to B2B websites. Your go-to resource for B2B content distribution!

What We Do Differently

No learning curve, no software training. We do all the legwork for you. Just sit back and respond to qualified leads!

  • Target Potential Customers

    We only target prospects that are in-market, show heightened interest, and match your criteria before we bring you in direct contact with your ideal target audience and maximize your conversions.

  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

    We optimize your LinkedIn profile to project your unique value proposition in the best possible manner. This increases your profile views, expands your network, and boosts your search rankings.

  • Create a Qualified Database

    We leverage advanced search to hyper-target your ideal customers and send them connection invites. This helps us build your network with potential buyers and attract warm business inquiries.

  • Professional Outreach

    We craft conversational messages that encourage two-way communication. Our value-first approach addresses the prospect’s pain points and helps us generate a consistent flow of discovery calls.

Our LinkedIn Approach

We enhance the quality and increase the quantity of your B2B sales leads with our value-first approach which is different and more detailed. It helps us achieve better traction for our clients by positioning them as thought leaders in their niche rather than projecting them as “pushy sales people”. And, we do this by offering curated content and personalized messaging.

Stage 1 – Strategy phase

This is the kick-off stage when the campaign starts. In this phase, we will closely work with you to craft a strategic LinkedIn campaign that focuses on achieving your marketing goals. You will receive a set of questions and templates that need to be filled out based on which we will create a prospecting map. We don’t offer a cookie-cutter solution. Everything we do is customized specifically for your campaign, so this phase is very important before we move forward.


Stage 2 – Build out phase

Based on the information gathered in the first phase we start establishing and optimizing your presence on LinkedIn. This involves various aspects like profile optimization, thought leadership platform setup, creation of content, the formation of curation Rolodex and more. We also take all the details shared by you in the first phase and start building a list of high-value prospects. Once that is done we run a LinkedIn group campaign and a messaging sequence with a focus on building meaningful relationships. We work to build familiarity and to increase your brand recall so your name consistently remains top of mind for your prospects.

Stage 3 – Outreach phase

Next up, we start reaching out to the core prospects in your database. We have worked with close to a dozen B2B companies and created a smart messaging sequence that is proven to create warm leads. So, we know how to leverage personal messaging and group communications for maximizing conversions. We deliver strategic messages to market your brand. We don’t spam. And we always stay focused on delivering messages that add value and increase the number of prospects in your sales funnel.


Stage 4 - Conversion phase

Once we start priming the pump, we leverage the community and prospects cultivated within LinkedIn and push for an appointment or meeting. At this stage, we typically hand over the lead to you as conversations are taken offline. We continue to follow-up with prospects via messaging sequences and LinkedIn ads as well as group communication in case they are not ready to work immediately. We have routinely seen very good conversions for our clients, and hence the ROI is very high. In order for us to run this strategy, we will need complete access to your LinkedIn profile (or any other founder level / senior exec in the company) and it has to be upgraded to a premium membership or Sales Navigator membership. We strongly advise on leveraging LinkedIn advertising as well. However, it’s not a must.


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