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Decreased Cost of Acquisition,
Increased ROI through Paid Marketing

Our Google certified team of experts understands the changing landscape of paid media. It understands the customer intent, identifies the platforms that can be best leveraged and works using the industry-best technology to deliver enterprise level paid media management. We customize our paid marketing strategies so that our ads reach a more specific set of audience. Our goal is same as yours – decreasing the acquisition cost and increasing the return on investment.


Our Methodlogy

Why Choose US

We can create ad campaigns that drive more leads, because we have the strategies that convert. All our ads are optimized to appeal to your audience and every landing page is A/B tested to improve your campaign. When you hire us, you get the best results!

$ 3

Ad Spend


Reduction in
lead acquisition cost


Landing Page
Variations Tested


Unique Sales
Funnel Built
Our 4D Approach

Why PPC Advertising is Beneficial for Your Business

Our clients enjoy top-of-mind recall with our profitable PPC marketing campaigns


PPC provides first page exposure on the most popular search engines


In just an hour of running your ad, you can expect clicks and visitors to your site


PPC shows instant results in terms of traffic, clicks, and sales


PPC is the fastest platform to run ads and increase online profits instantly

Our Process

Our Approach

Every business needs more sales to succeed and our #1 focus at Whirlwind is getting you more clicks, leads, and sales quickly and cost-effectively. And, we are a Google Certified Partner who knows how to keep your account up and performing at its peak potential to boost your bottom line.

Stage 1 – Client Study

We learn everything about your brand and your marketing vision before we create a pay per click campaign. Our Google certified PPC experts conduct a massive brainstorming session to understand your competition and devise a strategy to be able to best market your USP. Our team works diligently right from the beginning to give you an edge above your competition.


Stage 2 – Keywords and Targeting

The strength of our PPC management services is that we target our ads towards the select group of audience you cater to. We use Google AdWords Planner in combination with other industry-best tools to analyse the search landscape and narrow down our target audience so that we place you in front of audience that would actually benefit from your services. We also conduct an in-depth keyword research and group keywords under various ads spanning each aspect.

Stage 3 – Ad Copy and Creative Development

We put a lot of thought into every ad copy we write so that it is crisp, compelling, relevant and easy to understand. With a perfect combination of thoughtful design and engaging copy, we create uncluttered, straight-forward PPC advertisements that immediately grab attention. Optimizing our ads not only helps us get leads but also plays a major role in increasing the quality score.


Stage 4 - Build and Optimize Landing Pages

Search engines are smart. They critically analyse if the landing page content offers true value and is relevant for the intended search. Hence, we build and optimize the landing pages for relevant keywords. We ensure that the content on the landing page engages and benefits your target audience. Moreover, relevancy contributes in improving the quality score which directly decreases the cost per click.

Stage 5 - Creating Campaigns

We analyse your goals and create campaigns that are centred around your business objectives. There are different types of campaigns such as brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, shopping campaigns and remarketing campaigns. Each campaign drives different results such as website visits, interaction while selling subtly, remarketing products or services that convert at a better rate, etc. We create different campaigns from time to time till we achieve your end goal.


Stage 6 - Goal and Conversion Setup

Our work doesn’t end after running the paid campaigns. We use Google Analytics to constantly monitor the conversion rate. We discover what triggers your target audience to click the call to action, download the e-book, complete filling the form, sign up for a webinar, complete a product payment, or perform any activity on your page that has been defined as a goal. This helps us focus more on products/services that lead to conversion and ensure higher Return on Investment.

Stage 7 - Campaign Optimization

We optimize the entire campaign using A/B testing. We test different ads against each other and identify the one performing better and getting results. We do the same for landing pages to check which one leads to higher conversion rate. To improve the quality score, we ensure that our PPC ads as well as the landing pages are optimized. This helps us reduce your cost per click and stay within the specified ad spend budget.


Stage 8 - Reporting

Data is our ultimate proof point. We share timely reports generated using Google AdWords & Analytics with our clients. Our PPC experts also attach their observations and suggestions with a roadmap for campaign optimization.  These reports not just help us identify the strengths and eliminate the shortcomings, but also help you compare the return on investment with the acquisition costs.


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