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The Converging Orbits Method

Marketing has a morbid fascination for death knells; eager to write obituaries for trends fast turning into fads. Let’s face it, we have the benefit of hindsight.

For instance, we have seen the carpet-bombing approach of advertising sink in the abyss of budget-sucking media plans. Or the fall of clickbait banners rose in the throes of adblockers. Now, when content marketing seems to offer the most effective outreach to your targets, traditional funnels are throttling your leads.

So what went wrong?

Let’s go back to where it all begun. When it was conceived, online marketing was that brat everyone wanted to play with.

Then came the adolescent phase when no one knew what it wanted. We’ve now reached a point when the consumer, having finally come of age, can tell what’s wheat and what’s chaff.

This matured market is now ready to consume content. But only if offered smartly, at the time it wants, and in the packaging it likes.

In other words, relevance has become the key. Draped in a good-looking garb, a ribbon of gratification wrapped neatly around. But inside still lies substantial, meaningful and value adding content. The way it always has, since the start of time.

Things, sort of, drift apart

Traditional marketing funnels are showing signs of age. Starting with its ‘look-at-me’ approach that paints entire customer-bases in a single stroke. Strategies that emerge out of this one-size-fits-all blueprints lose steam quickly. And, eventually every message pushed through the funnel becomes a blind spot.

What we get at the bottom line is a trickled down message that has lost relevance, substance and, possibly, the consumer’s attention.

Because it started off in the wrong direction, and kept walking away from the core. Let’s call it divergence. An unsurprising result of a messaging strategy that deviated from the goal.

This is where
convergence comes in

We’ve got a new plan. Based on everything we learned so far, from past mistakes to present conditions. From smart business understanding to common human interaction. It’s the traditional funnel, completely reimagined.

Why though?

  • Because generating noise is not the same as generating traffic
  • Because consumers have learnt to push away what’s pushed towards them
  • Because specialization has become an overrated feature
  • Because an integrated approach is what it takes to break through
  • Because predictable growth is only possible with a tangible roadmap
  • Because content marketing has moved on, and so should the funnel

The Orbits

This Whirlwind method is based on a fundamental human truth. Everybody has varying levels of influences. Let’s call them orbits that surround us. For a lead generation project, we start by defining these orbits for both – the consumer you’re talking to, and you as a brand who’s giving out the message.

Start with the consumer. Their world is surrounded by these spheres of influence – elements of their decision-making lifecycle. The farther the orbit, the less significant its impact on their decision.


Outer Orbit: Attention

The biggest orbit where the customer has the shortest attention span. They are only curious about things that interest them. They aren’t actively seeking solutions because they don’t necessarily know they have a problem. It’s a path where your connection with the customer might be the weakest, but it provides a lot more opportunities to do so, if you have the right message to get their attention.

  • Low attention span
  • No or low obligation
  • Discovery / problem oriented mindset

Middle Orbit: Consideration

This is where you already have your customer’s attention. They know they have a problem that might need a resolution, and are looking at you for further information. A critical point in the lifecycle where they are not yet ready to buy, but they are ready to interact with you for more information. This is where you engage with them meaningfully, winning over their trust and building a value-based relationship.

  • Higher attention span
  • Medium obligation
  • Knowledge consumption/process oriented mindset

Inner Orbit: Connection

The trajectory closest to your customer. They now have a welldefined pain point, and they want a solution immediately. By interacting and being attentive, you have already crossed a critical threshold. They are now well-informed about what you can offer, and need a specific answer to their problem. This is where you help resolve any doubts they might have about your offering and make them commit to work with you.

  • High attention span, will invest time
  • High obligation + Engaged
  • Buying / solutions oriented mindset

To close the lead, you have to get close to the customer. And reaching that level of intimacy is possible through a gradual, step-wise process. Where you travel through the customer orbits to eventually reach the core. As you get closer to the core, the level of intimacy increases.

The customers start by paying attention to you, interacts with your message, and ultimately engages you for your services. At each level, the most important thing to do is to stay relevant to the customer.


Conversion through

To connect to the core of your customer, your orbits play a significant role in achieving the convergence. The messaging that you use should offer relevance for the customer’s interests. Your positioning should appeal to what their needs creating preference for your brand and building trust. And finally, your offer should show them the desired outcome they want. Thus leading to a positive conversion through progressive convergence.



  • Target by being at the right place
  • Stay relevant with your messaging
  • Show them the pain (or opportunity) they are not seeing


  • Show up consistently across mediums
  • Build trust and a deeper relationship by providing more value
  • Start creating a preference for yourself by differentiating yourself from the competition & presenting your unfair advantage.


  • Stay visible and follow-up actively
  • Combat emotional / conditional objections
  • Show them the desired outcome they are seeking

Conversion through

The C:O Method is an organic lead-generator. It engages with consumers without interjecting in their lives. It creates value without causing dissonance. A seamless path that adds value at varying levels of closeness. It’s a step-by-step journey to the core where you are rewarded with an engagement that has a high likelihood of conversion.

This tool doesn’t exactly replace the traditional funnels. In fact, we incorporate these funnels at each orbit. So at each level of interaction with the consumer, the funnel plays a key role in driving content. Only, this time the relevance and engagement is 3X.

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