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Google receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day and page one results enjoy 95% of all search traffic. Don’t become invisible to your potential clients.


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Sustainable growth is the inevitable outcome of well-laid plans. And plans are our thing! We devise up-to-date strategies that befit the ever-changing landscape of SEO and are tailored to the needs of our clients. Our optimization process is designed with utmost precision to achieve the ultimate goal – getting you results.


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Our 4D Approach

Google is the Gateway to Driving Non-Stop Traffic; SEO is Your Key!

We will not only get you at the top spot but also make sure that you stay there and generate sales consistently.


72% of people who search for local products or services visit a store within 5 miles


Updating old blogs with images and fresh content can increase your organic traffic by nearly 100%


61% of marketers say that SEO is their top marketing priority


40% of ecommerce sales come from smartphones

Our Process

Our SEO Process

We follow a pragmatic approach that requires answering the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ before moving on to the optimization phase. Our SEO strategies are an outcome of consistent learning and adaptation. They lead to not just higher rankings, but also meaningful traffic that converts to leads and sales. We have a knack of immersing ourselves into business problems, delving deep into human insights and emerging out with answers that work because we understand the questions inside out.

Stage 1 – Client Study

By client study, we don’t mean just gaining a profound understanding of your services, goals and competitors, but also understanding the mindset of your target audience. The meticulous knowledge of your brand is the cornerstone of our SEO strategy. It helps us get you ranked higher and drive traffic that converts.


Stage 2 – Audit and Competitive Analysis

We use industry-best SEO audit tools to conduct a comprehensive website audit. The reports and the findings aid in identifying current SEO efficiency as well as the issues that require fixing. And most importantly, the findings help us discover optimization opportunities that can be capitalized on.

Stage 3 – Technical SEO & Site Architecture

We use up-to-date optimization tools to eliminate technical limitations from your website. We review and optimize areas like speed, hierarchy, site structure, HTML and XML sitemaps, navigation, error pages, etc., so that search engines can crawl through the website without any barriers and rank it higher.


Stage 4 - Keyword Research & On-Page Optimization

To ensure that your website appears in the top search results, we develop every piece of content based on thoughtful keyword research. We then review all the on-page components like content structure, meta tags, headlines, graphics, internal links, etc., and optimize them. This ensures that the search engines place your website on the highest positions of SERP.

Stage 5 - Content Marketing

We develop content that is noticeable, easy to understand, and offers true value. Before crafting any piece of content, we understand its ultimate goal as well as the target audience. We ensure that it clearly demonstrates the service/product offered by your brand and engages the readers. Moreover, we use extensive keyword research to create well-researched and SEO optimized content.


Stage 6 – Link Building & Digital PR

We create customized link building campaigns to get quality backlinks which help us build your website’s authority.  Also, to gain visibility we connect with the most authoritative publishers, bloggers, journalists & influencers in various industries and share our brand-specific content on their websites. This increases your brand’s credibility which directly elevates its search rankings.


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