How a Content-led SEO Strategy helped a SaaS-based Recruitment Solution Provider see a 6532% Increase in Organic Traffic


A boot-strapped SaaS-based recruitment solution provider was up against deep-pocketed major players who were driving up paid traffic costs.


To build awareness and grow overall traffic through an exhaustive content strategy which would ultimately increase sign-ups.


After a thorough market research and competitor analysis, a two-pronged approach was devised which included a content-led SEO strategy and a digital PR campaign via outreach based link building to grow domain authority.

Our SEO strategy leveraged advanced techniques like:

  • Thematic keyword research to create topical clusters
  • Content audit & optimization based on TF*IDF and KGR
  • Domain authority stacking to improve rankings of topical clusters
  • Building quality backlinks from high authority websites  


      The Results

      The client has witnessed exponential growth in the last 4 years

      • 6352%

        Increase in Organic Traffic

      • 450+

        Keywords Ranking in Top 10 Positions of Google

      • #1

        Rank for "Recruitment Process" Keyword

      • 8x

        Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue

      Trusted by Hundreds of Entrepreneurial Companies

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